We follow Jesus in making worshipers of God by spreading His Kingdom through discipleship. 

Worship-Kingdom-Discipleship. Therefore we are aggressive with the Gospel which saves, desiring that Gods elect would repent and believe on Christ.

We see in the Scriptures that the goal is not conversion but a disciple who will, in all aspects of life, run to Jesus in holiness. This plays out by the Christian focusing on the person as a whole; running to Christ not as a mere ticket to heaven, but as a worshiper of who Jesus is!

On a week to week basis, We serve the city by giving free loaves of bread, coffee, and a quick free meal to many at our building. This is meant to be a place of intersection to initiate new discipleship relationships.

We often minister to people outside of abortion facilities proclaiming the Gospel and pleading for the life of the image-bearer of God that is unborn.

We worship Jesus together on Friday nights at 6:30pm at our building. We also gather as a family off-site on Sundays for worship, communion, and teaching.

We also do evangelistic "operations" where we see an opportunity to bring the Gospel into an event or area and plan to take it there.